Ilulissat Orienteering Greenland

Postbox 302 – 3952 Ilulissat

Ilulissat Orienteering Greenland - Postbox 302 – 3952 Ilulissat

New to the club

New to the club:
Welcome to Ilulissat Orienteering Greenland IOG. We hold practice run every Monday from April / May depending on weather until September / October. Until the end of May there practice run inside the city and the rest of the summer it out in the mountains. All are welcome to attend free 2-3 times. Then you must be a paying member. You become a member by writing to So you also get an email with information on where training her. Membership per. year is free for children under 18 years. 200 kr. For adults. 300 kr. For family / household membership, then 50 kr. For passive membership.
As a new orientation in sport is a good idea to help a more experienced runner to make track or collect posts. In this way you learn a lot about reading the card with the terrain. IOG make a calendar for every summer with who is to track and collect posts into. Feel free to contact them standing in the calendar and ask if you can help them.